Monday, September 6, 2010

Home again...

Hey there!

We're home! ...and have been for 2 days.
Call it what you want, I've been busy.

We left Savannah Wednesday morning, and headed to Jekyll Island. We met Grace and Leo for supper (you remember them- we met them on the way up! and they stayed with us in Baltimore! great folks!) and had a really good time as usual!

From Jekyll, we went to Fernandina Beach- we didn't stop there last year, but I'm glad we did on this trip- what a great town! and it had been a few months since I had been! I had lunch at The Happy Tomato (SO GOOD!) and then wandered into some bookstores! It was a great afternoon- then Adam came up and took me to supper at a restaurant where a friend of mine works! We had a blast! :)

Saturday morning, it was just a short trip home... we unloaded and washed down the boat and the trip was over all too soon!

Thanks again for following along with us this whole time! Hasta la vista!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Savannah, Day 2

Happy Anniversary to Barry and Alice!!

Howdy! I'm still using the marina's computer, so we're photo-less again today. But last night, we had supper at The Chart House on River St- Sooo good :) Yesterday was a lazy day... I read my book outside in the beautiful weather til almost supper time.
This morning, the marina delivered donuts to the boat! mmmm!
Tomorrow, we have a long travel day to Jekyll Island... will update you if I can!
Thanks for keepin up with us!

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