Monday, June 17, 2013

we go together like donuts and peanut butter

I said I'd try not to go another week without posting... oh well.
I'm posting from Thunderbolt Marina in Savannah. The last thing I told you was that we were in Charleston again. We stayed at the Charleston City Mega Dock and were among GREAT company. 

Check out our neighbors:


(Some dumb name) but isn't she BEAUTIFUL!?!

Primacy- another Outer Reef, but not present at the rendezvous

From Charleston, we traveled south to Beaufort (BYOO-fort), SC.  Barry and Alice had some visiting to do, as well as some grocery shopping in the marina's courtesy car, so Grace and I went window shopping. And, amazingly, it was happy hour by the time we finished!

I had a Carolina Lemonade (sweet tea vodka, oh em gee! and lemonade.) I'm a believer.

This boat was at the base of the dock. Barry said, "If ever a boat LOOKED like it's name..."

This was our sunrise the morning we left Beaufort for Savannah. Wow.

We got to Savannah around noon yesterday, ate some lunch and then Barry and I washed down the boat. Alice got some incriminating pictures- me singing and dancing while working.

Dad, I think I was humming along to the Rockford Files theme song in this one! Haha

Thunderbolt is the marina- you may remember from the last time we were here- that brings fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the morning. We love this place.

Tonight we are planning to eat supper with Barry's sister Ardra at Vinnie Van GoGo's- they have the best pizza! I'm gonna try to remember to get a picture (of us all at supper, not of the pizza). 

I hope everyone is having a great week!

p.s. Congratulations to Roomie AND to Ryan Allred on new opportunities!! Yay you!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Georgetown, SC smells like corn. In a good way.

Greetings from Charleston!

Since I updated the blog, we visited Georgetown and returned! You've missed a whole lot! 

The rendezvous was very fun, as always. We got to catch up with old friends and made a few new ones. 

Friday afternoon we went on a tour of Boone Hall Plantation, the oldest working plantation in the country. Or maybe South Carolina. Maybe it was Mount Pleasant. Clearly I wasn't listening. 

There were 7 or 8 slave houses that told different parts of the "story." One explained how the slaves lived, one how they got here, one about the importance of religion to them, etc.

This is the fence surrounding the main house. It's curvy and I thought it was so pretty!

If this driveway looks familiar to you, it may be because you've seen North and South or The Notebook or, apparently, Army Wives.
I could not get over those Oak trees!

Really big me, really small house.

The part of The Notebook when Noah breaks this gate was NOT in the script. They had to replace that gate.

This is my new friend Dick. His wife Pam took the picture. They live in Seattle and work for Outer Reef. 
(Very fun people.)
Don't mind that shmutz on my face.

Friday night was "Dine around Town" night- and since Barry and Alice's son and grandkids were here, they ate on the boat. I went out with friends to a sushi bar that turned into a VERY fun club. 

Saturday afternoon we had lunch and played cornhole (my team won... duh.) before the yacht hop. 

Saturday night, we toured and had dinner aboard the USS Yorktown. SO COOL. I got to walk on the flight deck. Then we toured the barracks, the operating room, the dentist, the bakery, then the ENGINE ROOM! It was huge and confusing and busy.

Sunset from the hangar bay:

On Sunday afternoon, Grace and Leo drove up to visit and stayed on the boat while we traveled up to Georgetown.

(I bought 2 books here!)

I figured out something pretty cool... I speak DUCK! These ducks talked to me quite a bit the past 2 days...

When we got there, a boat we know named Winedown Too was already there (above). And De Onions showed up a couple hours behind us.

We stayed there overnight and left late this morning- about 9:00. 

Now we're back in Charleston. We're staying at a different marina than where the rendezvous was. We love this place- Charleston City Megadock. Fabulous place. Excellent dock hands.

I'll try not to go another week without updating. Hope life is great elsewhere! hugs!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Was that a cow I just saw?

We are in Charleston. Tropical storm Andrea tried to blow us away, Dorothy-style, but we managed. The wind was rocking the boat pretty hard this morning. It got me up and out of bed by about 5:30.

I'm excited to show you the sunset pictures I took the night before we left Hilton Head (Monday night).

Gorgeous, right? 

We left Hilton Head Tuesday morning and went outside instead of staying in the ICW. We arrived in Charleston in the early afternoon. Wednesday Barry and I washed the boat- now she sparkles!- and we all had lasagna for supper. THEN we got to see this: 

The sun setting over the Cooper River was a beautiful sight AND the reflection of it onto the clouds behind this barge was too!

We are staying 6 days at the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina, technically in Mt Pleasant, SC, across the Cooper River from downtown Charleston. Next to the marina, the USS Yorktown is beached and serves as a tourist destination. We get to tour it tomorrow night, but here's what we can see from the boat: 

There are 5 other Outer Reefs here for this weekend's rendezvous:


De Onions, Creative Edge, Tomahawk, The Gator, and Autumn. And, of course, Risky Business.

I took some pictures of the resort:

Yesterday, I took the hotel's trolley across the big bridge and into town. The trolley stops at the City Market and from there I walked to City Lights- the best coffee shop ever! I had a coconut latte. Really.

Then I walked around to see what I could find. This is a door that is labeled "First black door on the right":

It's almost lunch time- we're all eating as a group. Then we're going for a tour of a real live working plantation. Should be fun. I'll try to take some pictures. 

Wish us sunny weather!

Oh, and p.s. THANK YOU, SON! Miss you for real! Be good. :)

Do what you like. Like what you do.