Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 1 of 23

Good morning from Boston!

So far, so GREAT! Yesterday, Barry and Alice and I left Jacksonville around noonish, thanks to our trusty Uncle Steve. 

Thanks, Steve!

Then we arrived at the boat by about 5ish. We were in 3 different parts of the plane, so I can only speak for my personal flying experience... It was great! On the first flight I sat next to by far the most terrified person I've ever met, but I helped her get rid of her hiccups, so that's something. 

We had a great cab driver, but aren't they all, really? 
Then had supper on the boat. 
But not before I went in search of a CVS or somewhere that sold milk, as I worded it to the new friends down the dock. "Tedusky's!" they said, was right down the road. "It's like a 7/11," they clarified after observing the confused look on my face. On the way, I passed the monument that I should remember the name of but forgot, and this beautiful church, of which I also forgot the name. Oops.

Today, I have no plan. I did however try Sorelle's, the bakery around the corner and they make a mean iced coffee. I had to do my own cream and sugar though. Not complaining, but is this a Boston thing? Oh well, they have wifi. (Meaning I will probably be back tomorrow.)

Oh and the weather is unbelievable. Not to make you jealous, but I thought, for a tiny second, when I turned the corner and the wind picked up that I might maybe need a sweater. So there's that.

Hope this post finds you well! Love!

p.s. Barry took this picture off the stern of the boat while they were in Plymouth, Mass. on June 21st, his Daddy's birthday. Too cool not to share.

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