Monday, October 3, 2011

Fernandina to home! (don't mind the date!)

From Savannah, we went outside, enjoyed beautiful weather, and re-fueled once we got into Fernandina.

Barry and Alice's friends, Jim and Bo met us on the boat and took us to a great Spanish restaurant. We had a blast, ate amazing food, and took a great picture:

and I cleaned my plate. Shocking, I know.

Another great trip over... hopefully another one around the corner?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Savannah to Fernandina

Wednesday- we took the rental car into town. We wandered around, window shopped,
then had a great lunch at B&D's Burgers- "the best burger in Savannah!"
I agree! Mine had guacamole on it. yum-oh.

Thursday- we left Thunderbolt Marina at sunrise and I got a fantastic picture!
Thursday was a long day on the water, accompanied by about a bajillion dolphins and one ray! He came all the way out of the water- way cool! We got into St Simons after 3:00. Leo met us and drove us all to supper at Crabdaddy's on the island. Oh-em-gee, did I have some amazing shrimp! and it was Barry's genius idea to ask if we could have them two ways- so I had half blackened and half fried... boy, was I food-happy :) see? food-happiness.

Tonight we are in Fernandina- love this place :) I went for a walk, window shopped, people-watched. Tonight we have supper plans with Barry and Alice's friends Jim and Bo (sp?).
Tomorrow, we're leaving later than usual to catch all the tides at the right time.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about our short little adventure! Ciao!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a red-hulled-Hinckley kind of day...

Yesterday was a relaxed day on the water from Beaufort, SC to Savannah. We stayed on the ICW... apparently if we had gone outside, we'd have had to go farther south to come back north. So we didn't. Alice took these pictures of us hanging out on the bridge:

Last night, we had supper with Barry's sister Ardra at Vinnie VanGoGo's and had some of the yummiest pizza ever! She was very interesting to get to know- she has a teaching degree- in English and art! Check out her blogspot!

Today I slept in a little, and had a Krispy Kreme doughnut for breakfast! Blood sugar crash, here I come! (That's ok... there's leftover pizza!)
I didn't put peanut butter on the doughnut. ew. I just can't.
To which Barry replied, "I buy you books and buy you books and all you do is eat the covers."

Today we have no plan- we may go into town a little later. Tomorrow we're headed to St Simons Island, then Fernandina on Friday, home on Saturday afternoon!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 15, 2011

"As long as the dock can hold itself together..."

Those would be the Captain's words. Not mine.
Although I may have laughed.
The dock does look a bit loved. weathered. I don't know... what's the correct adjective here?

Today was a beautiful day on the ICW:

Tomorrow we are headed to Savannah- you can count on more pictures!

Love and hugs :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where's Donald?

Friday: After we washed down the boat in the AM, I caught a ride to the Apple store in search of a charger for my iPod shuffle. If it dies before we get home, I might lose my mind. Have you ever tried to wash a boat without music? me neither. I can't imagine.
I get into the store and one employee promptly tells me they're out of that charger. Then she walks away. Another employee, standing right next to her, sees my face, apparently, and calls back to the stockroom to ask if they have ANY at all. They don't. I wasn't going cry. I told him we weren't leaving til Monday morning, would they get any in this weekend? He didn't know. "Hold on," he says, and he walks behind the counter, digs through his backpack and hands me the charger I need. "Just bring it back," he says. I was confused. "You're not leaving til Monday, you said, right? Just bring it back to me."
Joy was restored again!
I called the marina and caught a ride back, happy as a clam!
When we got back to the marina, I found Grace and Leo, the Captain's friends, in the parking lot! We had yummy cheeseburgers on the bridge. What a great day!

Saturday: I decided to start my day off with coffee from City Lights. I remembered it being wonderful the last time I was in town. Upon entering, I had to walk past a sweet old homeless man who told me he liked my skirt. Then something mumbled. "Llamas?" I asked. "No! I like the pockets!" he said, slightly less mumbly. It was then I remembered my skirt doesn't even have llamas on it. They're zebras. I thanked him and got my coffee.
Upon exiting City Lights, I got to walk past the same sweet old homeless man. "How do you spell Jehovah?" he asked. "Like Jehovah!"
"J-E-H-O-V-A-H." I said.
"OK, how do you spell Psalms? Like where you find Jehovah!"
"Thank! and here you go- you can save $2 on a carriage ride!" he offers.
"Oh, I'm not going on a carriage ride, but thank you."
"No," he whines, "but you can save $2!"
I took it.
(and for the record, I made a delicious pot of coffee on the boat this morning.)

From there, I went back to the Apple store to give Raymond his charger. Then I shopped my way down to the farmer's market at the end of King St.

I could have found something at every booth! and everyone was so friendly!
I left there and walked up Meeting St which is where I found a house I could live in:

and took a picture of the Methodist church:

and the fire station:

Then I got back on King St and found a yummy lunch at The Kickin Chicken before I walked back towards the farmer's market and met up with the gang. They still had shopping to do- I tagged along. Once we got hungry again, we wandered through the city market to Carolina's for supper. )Thanks, John Coyle!) Yum-oh! I had shrimp n' grits. So good.
I tried to remember to get the picture before we scarfed our food down, but I got sidetracked. oh well.
Today, I'll take more pictures. I'm headed into town again.

Thanks for reading! We'll be home in 6 days! yikes! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

two birds, one grape

Today I ate a grape the size of a ping pong ball. It totally made my day... it also took away the taste of extremely stale potato chip. I didn't get a picture, and for this I apologize.

I also didn't get a picture of a really gorgeous sunrise this morning. But there was one.

Something neat-oh that I did get a picture of... this little guy was dancing in the tree above my head yesterday while I was attempting to be interested in Pride and Prejudice. it's a hummingbird! can you find it? If you do, you win a prize!

Last night, we had a celebratory supper at CQ's. I had Mahi again :)

"To Ashley not getting a B in Women in Lit! Cheers!"

We made it to Charleston today around 3:00. I told Barry that by the time we get home we're going to be completely spoiled by the dockhands we've had- quick, AND they know what they're doing! We're 3 for 3 on this trip.

Tomorrow is a boat-washing day- everyone take a quick second to say a tiny prayer that my iPod stays charged throughout, seeing as I forgot my charger. It's like a not-so-fun game of roulette.
...will it stop now? how bout... now!

Thank you all for reading. I know I'm a challenge. Consider yourselves hugged.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quick Photo Update

Happy Wednesday!

I have some photos to show you!

I want these chairs. Wait. First, I'd like a porch big enough to house one of these chairs.

And here's a Hinckley. The lighthouse in the background somehow made a beautiful boat even more beautiful...

and here's a really cool shot of Risky Business. It was low tide, so I was able to get it from a different angle.

Yesterday was full of pool, a few chores, and a yummy supper on the boat... oh, and about an hour's worth of nasty weather. I hope everyone's having a great week!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Points for Participation

Good morning!

I’d like to welcome anyone who may have stumbled across this blog from Outer Reef’s site. Welcome! I feel I have to warn you. This blog is sometimes about boating. Sometimes about strange people I may notice while in whatever coffee shop (or Hooters) I’ve found that has wireless (tip! They all do!) But mostly I inevitably end up talking about food. I mentioned this to Barry and Alice last night at supper- that our new readers (should we acquire any) will probably, undoubtedly, think the three of us weigh a ton, collectively. I assure you we don’t. I just really like food. Having said all that, if what you were looking for was a site that will teach you something about boating, maintenance, and repair… you’re in the wrong place. The blog you need to be reading is John and Jeannie’s. They fit all that in AND manage to make it extremely interesting in the process (read: overachievers). Not that I don’t want you here, just hate to disappoint.

Ah, what a relief… I admitted to being complete fluff and you’re still here! Die-hards, I see.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop across the street from the Harbor Town Yacht Basin, HHI. Great coffee, REALLY great carrot-something muffin. Yum-oh.

Yesterday was a great day- Barry and I washed the boat, then I went to the pool. I finished reading Rebecca- great book, definitely recommend it- and started Pride and Prejudice because I feel like a failure for never having read it. So far, I’m wondering if the whole book will be able to live up to the very 1st line. We’ll see.
Later, we went to supper at The Crazy Crab next to the marina. I had the best Mahi ever. ...sorry about the glare on the window. But look how "food-happy" we are!

We’ll be in Hilton Head til early Thursday morning, then we’re headed to Charleston for 4 days.
I'll be sure to keep a detailed account of what I ate and the people I met.
...please come back.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't worry, it's not terminal.

Yesterday afternoon, when we passed the lighthouse on the point on our way in to Golden Isles Marina on St Simons Island, I decided I would wait until this morning to take a picture of it for you... the sunrise would be behind it and it would be prettier.

So this morning, when we were leaving Golden Isles, headed out to the ocean, I was sitting up on the bridge with Barry, coffee in hand, watching a great sunrise... hot pink, a little hazy, it looked HUGE, coming up right next to the lighthouse...

I said, "Wow, that is beautiful. It would make a fantastic picture... you know, if I weren't so lazy..."
To which Barry responded, "It's a disease, Ashley."

My coffee was really good.

Well, anyway, let's move on to what I DID take pictures of...
We left yesterday morning at sunrise and I got this picture of Doctors Lake Bridge:

Then, as we headed past downtown Jax I got some pretty cool ones too:
The Landing:

Maxwell House (coincidentally, what I was drinking at the time...)

EverBank Stadium:

and the fire station:

Then, I took a picture of this huge ship...

Just to show you this fender... because I think they look cool.

We got to Hilton Head to today around 3 maybe... rinsed the boat, took a walk around the marina... you know where it's not ANY cooler than at home? South Carolina. It is blistery outside.

Thanks for reading! Miss you! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011


Good morning, followers!

I hope this post finds you well! We're leaving with the sunrise in the morning, headed for Golden Isles.
Promise to keep you updated while we travel!

Show me you love me in the form of comments!

Hugs all around!

Do what you like. Like what you do.