Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Camden: Take 2

Yesterday was a great day. I found coffee at The Owl and Turtle, then wandered through some stores downtown- 4 bookstores! Then I met a Great Dane named Luna walking her retired human. They were both very nice. The human, a very nice guy, and I, talked all the way into town.

Later, I found the post office. Helpful. 

Then I found a happy hour at a bar called Cuzzy's. The bartender, Jimmy, told me about his weekend. Turns out it was full of camping misadventures, and drunk-sliding down mountains. There were still-bloody shin wounds to prove it.

Then a girl named Kaylee sat at the bar a couple seats down from me. She was very cute, looked under 21, but I guess she's a regular there. Jimmy gave her a vodka and red bull. She's apparently hard core. 
She and I started talking and I found a board with holes in it in a bucket on the bar next to me. I had seen people playing with whatever it was while I was in Newburyport last week. I asked Kaylee and Jimmy what it was. Kaylee knew it was a cribbage board. 
"I don't know cribbage." I told them.
Kaylee learned a couple days ago.
I asked her to teach me.
Now I know how to play cribbage.
I lost by a long shot, but she's a pro so I don't feel so bad.

I've been up for 2 hours and it's rained for all but 20 minutes of it, so I don't know what today looks like. I have some more pictures from yesterday, but I think my phone is on strike. Hopefully I'll get them loaded later today.

This will have to do for now.
Hope you're well!

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  1. Always fun to learn a new game. Thanks for the pics, enjoy your day. Love,love


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