Saturday, July 19, 2014

"How many lobsters fit in a trap?"

Barry and I took a shuttle around the island, and someone actually asked our bus driver that question. Bless her heart.

But first... I went to breakfast this morning at a place called Sips, "the home of the Flamingo Queen." Whatever that means.

The omelette was great, so that's something.

This next one is us... We look good here.

I took this next picture of the marina at Southwest Harbor from the top of the hill, on my way to breakfast.

This afternoon, Barry and I took a shuttle, like I said, around the island, eventually to Bar Harbor.

This is the Village Green:

And more of the town:

This next one made me laugh so hard, I just had to take a picture.

Barry and I managed to slake our thirst at a place called Cherrystones. Runabout Red was good stuff:

When we got back, I took some pictures of the boats around us to show you.

Look! Winter Park! Hiya neighbors!

This one's name is Grace. She's not as pretty as the real Grace, though.

This is the slip across the dock from us. Haven't seen the boat, but I love the name.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Only a couple left. 


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