Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I've lost track of the days. We're in Portland.

Yesterday was a great day in Newburyport, Mass. I took pictures yesterday and the night before that I forgot to show you.

This next one is just to prove that we remembered to take a picture of the three of us. We so often forget. But it really is an awful picture. Supper was great, so that's something.

Then last night, it rained a little and we enjoyed a nice evening on the stern. And saw this rainbow!

This morning, we left Newburyport early and had a very pleasant ride (except for all the lobster pots) to Portland, Maine. 

We saw a bunch of lighthouses. I got pictures of four.

This is West Cape Elizabeth and East Cape Elizabeth.

This is Portland Head.

And this is Ram Island light.

Now we're in for the night. The boat is all clean and sparkly. And this town has a whole lot for us to see tomorrow. There will be pictures. 

Hope you're well. Thanks for reading!

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