Friday, July 18, 2014

Wednesday, July 16th. Camden, Maine.

Yesterday was a fun day. I got coffee- hot for a change, as it was about 68 degrees outside and rainy- then wandered up the street to French and Brawn, a market where there is a great butcher. I ordered steak and fish and burgers, etc. to be picked up later this afternoon.

It was rainy for much of the day, I got a few chores done on the boat, then walked up to town again for happy hour at Cuzzy's, thinking there could be another cribbage opportunity. I was wrong, but I did beat the bartender, Jimmy, at darts. 

After I got there, a bar regular, Timmy, found a seat just down the bar from me. He's about 70, a rough looking army vet in a Vietnam ball cap. He and Jimmy had a couple-minute lively conversation before Jimmy turned to me and said, "Ashley, I'm so sorry, this is Timmy!" Wondering what about my face had told Jimmy I needed to be included, I leaned across the three seats, offered my hand and said, "Nice to meet you, Timmy! I'm Ashley." Thus began many more lively conversations. 
Timmy worked as a boat deliverer for 13 years- Hinckley's mostly. 
He asked me where I was headed after Camden. When I told him southeast Harbor, then Northwest Harbor, he answered, "No you're not."
Cue my puzzled expression.
"You can't afford to breathe the air at Northwest."
"Aw man, then the beer's gonna be pretty steep too then, huh?"

Something else I learned from Timmy- human flesh tastes like salt pork. I thanked him for the trivia, and attempted a change of subject.

Kaley never showed up. She was probably afraid she'd lose at cribbage. Who can blame her?

Later, we had supper on the boat and watched "Sweet Home Alabama"- Barry's favorite.

This morning, I went to The Bagel Cafe and had yum-oh breakfast casserole and iced coffee. Barry met his friend Bill at Camden Deli. Then we met up and Bill drove us all over Maine. We went to Beth's Farm for some fruits and veggies. Barry had some strawberry shortcake that was out of this world. He let me try a bite and I almost went into sugar shock.

From there, Bill took us to Hannaford's, the grocery store. He was a great host. This is beautiful country up here and he's rightfully proud to show it off. On our way back to the boat, he pulled up at a "beach" across the harbor from where he lives. It was a beautiful view. Apparently, all the boats moored in the harbor maintain their own moorings. The city sells permits for the right to "install" your mooring, then you keep up with the maintenance yourself. Barry and I found this strange. 

Now, here we are. It's raining on and off, very gloomy looking out. 

Later, we have a meat order to pick up. And perhaps I'll play some cribbage.

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