Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 3: A second tour around Bean Town

I assumed incorrectly that the beans in question were of the coffee variety. All I've seen people up here do in the last 3 days is drink coffee (Dunkin, usually... Not that there's anything wrong with that), smoke, and drive badly. No, apparently these beans are baked. Boston is known for its baked beans? Ok.

So, yesterday was a fairly uneventful day. I hopped on the trolley after my cup of AuBonPain coffee (which was good, and not too bitter, like Dick said it would be) and got some more pictures of the city.

Anyone remember the Police HQ building from the movie The Departed? Me neither. But this is it. Fun fact about this building: it's a government building, mental health I think the tour guide said. During construction, govt. picked an extremely expensive exterior textured detail. The detail had to be done with jackhammers and created a sort of corduroy look. Apparently, it was so expensive that the building was never completed and now there are stairways that lead nowhere and doors that lead into walls. Well done, Bean Town.

Faneuil Hall:

Park Street Church, a big deal in history, apparently:

Trinity Church. Holy cannoli, it's beautiful!

Tortoise and the Hare statues. And a close up of the turtle for Momma.

I just love his little face.

Ok, anyone remember the episode(s) of Friends where Ross shows off his keyboarding skills? I think this guy was channeling that character. I kid you not, this guy's "music" sounded JUST like it even from a block and a half away. So as not to hurt his feelings, haha yeah right... Really so he didn't expect me to tip him, I acted as if I was taking a picture of the John Hancock building and Trinity Church. 

It didn't occur to me to take video. Dangit.

I got a better picture of part of the fire dept building from yesterday, and one of the police station.

I had a delicious lunch at Ames Plow again. And made more friends. These were Canadians. We chatted soccer. I really hate that sport. What's the extra time for?! The Canadians didn't know either.

While Barry and Alice were still out touring the city, I read some and napped some on the stern of the boat. We had lasagna. The cannon went off at sunset. Lovely evening in Boston.

Now, I'm at Sorelle's. Iced coffee and a carrot cake muffin for breakfast, yum oh! Barry and I are going grocery shopping in a bit.

Tonight we are going to a baseball game. The Red Sox play the Cubs. I don't know what any of this means, so I'm wearing an American flag tee shirt. Go team! 

There will be pictures tomorrow for sure. 

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  1. Baked beans, for sure. Who doesn't know that? It is always about the food. Thanks for the architectural photos, the buildings are superb. Love,love


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