Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 2: My name is Ashley!

Yesterday was a great day. After I left Sorelle's, I went for a fairly lengthy walk around Charlestowne, around the Bunker Hill Memorial (located on Breed's Hill... American history is weird.)

Then I hopped on the trolley and went sightseeing! Boston is a very cool city. I window shopped and found lunch inside the Prudential shopping center.

Also, I learned a lot and saw great architecture from the trolley. Here's the oldest fire dept building in Boston. Or the US. Or something.

Don't judge my picture taking abilities. That's not what this blog is about.

From there, I rode the trolley to Quincy Market and had a beer at Ames Plow Tavern. I walked up to the host guy outside and asked if the outside bar was open. His response: "We have a bar in the basement. It's air conditioned there." Any Bostonian reading this is confused why I was annoyed but let me make myself clear. It is NOT hot in Boston. Especially in the shade with a beer in my hand. But there was no need to argue and I'm glad I didn't. The bartender downstairs was way fun and two 60ish year old guys, Ken and Jim, sat next to me, we chatted Seinfeld of all things for about an hour, and it was a great experience. So, whatever, host guy.

This next picture is from the stern of the boat. It's the Old North Church of Paul Revere fame. Well, the very top of the steeple, at least.

I took another from the bow just to show you where we are.

For supper, Barry grilled chicken and it was de-lish!

This morning, we washed the boat down and now she sparkles!

Right before I left the boat to hop on the trolley, we got a visitor- a catamaran docked just off our bow. Like, JUST off our bow. It was a bit tense on the dock. Here's proof.

Hope they're nice, because they certainly are close!

The trolley I hopped on was conducted by Dick, my new friend. He asked me where I was from and my name when I boarded, and after I answered, he said, "Welcome, Angela!" Ugh. Crap. So, I corrected him once. Then I asked where I should get a cup of coffee, "and DON'T say Dunkin Donuts!" (These Bostonians are proud of their Dunkin... Something about it being founded here or something. I even heard mention of a Dunkin University. Whatever.) 
He laughed and said he's a fan of AuBonPain. "Great coffee, not too bitter. You'll love it, Angela!" 
I corrected him a second time, not sure he heard though. He continued talking about the sights along the route and turned to me at a red light. "You can get off here, Angela. The coffee shop is just around the corner." 
"Thanks. It's Ashley, actually." 
"Everyone say goodbye to Angela!"
"Thanks, Dick! Catch ya later!" :)

Now you're updated. I'll take a bunch more pics today. I love this city so far. Hope you are well! Love!


  1. Sometimes it doesn't pay to correct the distracted driver. er Dick.

  2. Love it! can't wait to


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