Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Final Post

I didn't post yesterday, but we left Southwest Harbor and took the long way to Northeast Harbor, through Sommes Sound. These are pictures I took from there. The scenery was out of this world.

A small waterfall:

A slightly bigger waterfall:

Once we got into Northeast, I found a band that was playing at the top of the dock. Their name is Nite Boat and they play campy, blues-y, folkish stuff. I was really glad I got the boat captain aka Santa! in the background.

The sax player was awesome. I took this while he was rocking When the Saints Go Marching In.

This morning when I had to leave for my flight, I took the island Explorer shuttle that travels all around Mt Desert Island. The service is free, provided by LL Bean (Leon Leonwood Bean... There's some trivia for you), and is remarkably punctual.

Because of reasons I don't understand this board being digital precludes you from seeing it. Just know it's cool technology.

Pics I took from the runway at Bar Harbor:

Now I'm in the DC, waiting for my plane... Already missing Maine. Hope you enjoyed the last few weeks of pictures. I sure enjoyed taking them.

Later dudes!

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  1. As always loved your blog! Miss you!! Liz Smith


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