Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 20 of 23

Ok, friends. Quite a bit happened the last couple days. And I was without interwebs. I'm not likely going to remember all of it in this post, but let's see if some pictures can jog the memory.

This is Barry. He's eating the most scrumptious strawberry shortcake ever in the whole wide world. Bill was sweet enough to take us grocery shopping and to Beth's Farm for fresh stuff. He's quite possibly the best host ever.

Yesterday, Bill picked us up in his dinghy and we got a harbor tour before lunch at a place called The Waterfront. These are pictures I took...

Took this one to show you more evidence of the ridiculous tides in these parts.

Here's our tour guide, Bill.

Great boat name:

Here's Kathleen. It was hard to pick a favorite in the harbor, but she was definitely on the list.

Bilikan, Bill and Annie's boat:

So pretty.

After our harbor tour, and lunch, Bill took Barry and me up to Mount Battie. The view was epic.

Wait, lemme take a selfie.

Bill and Barry:

After Mount Battie, Bill and Annie had us over for steak and lobster. Check out the size of that lobster on the end- that one's mine!

See? My name is even on the placemat.

We left Camden this morning around 7. We're in Southwest Harbor now. Before we docked for real, we took on fuel. The boat is riding noticeably heavier now. 

We're still in Maine, so the scenery is still unbelievable. I have wifi here, so I'll post after I take some more pictures.

Peace out, homies.

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