Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 5 of 23: Happy 3rd of July!

Yesterday I left you at Sorelle's in Charlestowne. From there, I walked back to the boat and got a few chores done.
Here's my walk back:

When I got back to the boat, I made iced tea. I just had to show you.

Then Barry and I played with the dinghy some. 
Pics or it didn't happen!

That's more a grimace than a smile. 
It was hot. And inflating is hard work.

Then Barry told me how best to tie the line, i.e. "apply my brain," as he says.

The original plan was to take the dinghy up the Charles River to see the Boston Pops concert and the fireworks. Plans change. We stayed on the boat and watched the boat traffic for an hour or so, then had burgers up on the bridge. Yum oh.


It was a fun night. And beautiful weather!

This morning I walked across the Charlestowne Bridge into Boston to find coffee and pick up a prescription for Alice.

There's the boat from the bridge!

Anyone afraid of heights? This is not the bridge for you.

This next one is a weird angle. My feet look supersonic white. But I'm still showing you because we're friends. And because that's the water under me! It was pretty cool.

Now I'm at a Starbucks near the Walgreens. Across from a Dunkin, of course.

If I didn't already mention it before, this town is pretty cool. Hope you're enjoying the pictures!

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