Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 7 and 8: Off to Newburyport!

Because of Arthur, we spent one extra day in Charlestown. We left yesterday morning around 7:30. We passed by the USS Constutition and a really cool looking destroyer on the way out.

Apologies that the pics are a little blurry.

We traveled down the Charles River out to the ocean. It was a great day for traveling. We were expecting swells from the hurricane but there were none. We passed by these lighthouses on the way.
One was built, then there were apparently concerns about whether the land there would support it, so they built another. Now they have two! 

I wish I'd gotten pics coming into the harbor from the ocean. There was a serious current because it was just before low tide, the wind was INSANE, and there were about a billion Sunday boaters out doing what Sunday boaters do. We got into the marina with few hiccups, despite the wind.

I hosed down the boat after we got in, then took a walk around the town. This is a very cool town. Small, but happenin! 

Then last night, we went out to a restaurant called The Black Cow. I enjoyed my haddock very much. I'll try to take some pictures today. You'll like this town.

Hope you're all well! Love.

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